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  • Parking Amnesty 2020  

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    When is the Amnesty 2020?  Late fees are waived if original ticket(s) amount is paid or postmarked between September 8, 2020 and September 25, 2020.

    Ticket Detail:  Amnesty 2020 Notices were generated for each license plate with one or more tickets with an outstanding balance. The unpaid balances for all tickets on that plate were combined. Details for the individual tickets are available above at the "Search Parking Tickets" link. You can search by name, license plate #, or ticket #.

    Eligible Tickets:  All tickets with an outstanding balance are eligible for amnesty, except those 1) included in a bankruptcy proceeding or 2) for which a civil judgment has been entered. If you have tickets in a civil judgment and wish to discuss payoff terms, please contact

    • Tickets Already in a Payment Plan: Tickets in an existing payment plan are eligible for amnesty. The original amount of the unpaid tickets in the payment plan can be paid without penalty.      
    • Tickets with a Balance that Did Not Receive a Notice: Amnesty 2020 notices were sent only if an address was available for the registered owner of the vehicle. If a ticket is not excluded per the terms above, it is eligible for amnesty even if a notice was not received

    How to Pay:  The City Payment Center is currently closed to the public. Please pay by one of the following methods:  



    Credit-Card or e-Check

    Drop Box:
    Commissioner of Finance
    PO Box 5211
    Binghamton NY 13902

    Drop Box on the Market Street side of
    City Hall (233 E Washington Street)
    Certified Checks Only

    Payable to:
    Commissioner of Finance

    Must include Plate #

    Payment Terms: 

    • No personal checks will be accepted.
    • Certified checks or money orders must include license plate # or ticket #s.
    • Cash payments can be made at the Drop Box. Exact change is required. Must provide plate or ticket #s.
    • No receipts will be provided.
    • No refunds will be provided.
    • Ticket amounts (the “pay this amount” from your notice) must be paid in full during the amnesty period, the amount cannot be paid in installments. 

    Online Payments:

    Proof of Payment: 

    • For credit card, debit card, and e-check transactions, your credit card or bank records will provide proof of payment. 
    • For money orders or certified checks, contact the issuer to determine if it has been cashed.
    • For cash payments and all payment methods above, please see Updated Parking Ticket Records below.

    Updated Parking Ticket Records:

    • Due to the tremendous anticipated volume of amnesty payments, please allow at least 3 weeks after your payment was received for the city to update your parking ticket records. 
    • After we update your parking ticket payment(s) the ticket(s) will no longer appear as payable online or by phone.  Again, please give us ample time for processing, then check:
      • Online at , or
      • By phone at 315-990-9200 - choose the option to speak your ticket # (do not type it) 
      • Follow instructions as if you want to pay the ticket(s). 
      • If the ticket(s) still have a balance, we have not yet updated our records. Please try again in a few days. 
      • If the ticket(s) have no balance due, that is your confirmation that we have processed your payment and your ticket(s) have been cleared. Thank you! 

    Why You Should Pay: Booting is suspended while the amnesty program is in effect. When the amnesty program expires on 9/26/2020, booting will resume and unpaid tickets over 90 days old may cause a vehicle eligible to be booted and towed. In addition, tickets that remain unpaid after the amnesty program ends will be referred to a collections agency or subject to legal judgment, which can impact your credit rating.

    Permission for Amnesty 2020 Program: Amnesty 2020 requires the approval of the Commissioner of Finance, the Common Council, and the Mayor, in the form of an amendment to the Traffic Code of the City of Syracuse, with a new Article XXIII – Amnesty Program 2020. Approval is also required by the Chief Judge of the City Court of Syracuse who will issue any necessary order of City Court to the extent necessary for any outstanding parking tickets that pre-date the establishment of the Syracuse Parking Violations Bureau in 2003. 

    Responsible Party: Parking tickets are the responsibility of the registered owner of the ticketed vehicle at the time of the ticket, even if someone else was driving the car. If the license plates were transferred to a different vehicle, the owner on the vehicle registration at the time of the ticket is still responsible for the ticket.  If the registration sticker was left on a vehicle when it was sold, tickets on the vehicle incurred by the new owner can be contested by the old owner if the ticket is less than 90 days old. After 90 days, the ticket can no longer be contested and the old owner remains responsible for the tickets. 

    Tickets Less than 90 Days Old: Before a ticket is 90 days old, it can be contested, meaning you can request to have the ticket reviewed by a hearing examiner. You would submit all supporting evidence (photos, witness statements, documents, etc.) and explain why the ticket should be dismissed. You can request a hearing via email to or in writing to the Parking Violations Bureau, 233 E Washington St, Syracuse NY 13202. A hearing examiner can review your request and mail you a decision, or you can request to have a live hearing by telephone or video conference. Once you have submitted a request for a hearing, no additional fees will accrue until a decision is made by the hearing examiner.

    Appealing a Hearing Decision:  Within 30 days after a hearing decision you have the right to appeal the decision of the hearing examiner. Email for specific instructions. After 30 days after the hearing, the Parking Violations Bureau no longer has jurisdiction, and the ticket must either be paid or go into Collection status. The 30-day deadline cannot be extended, not even for a day, not even for emergencies.

    Tickets Aged 90 Days or More:  Once an unpaid ticket is 90 days old, it can no longer be contested.  It is in Collection status, and is considered a “default judgment.” Three unpaid tickets over 90 days make a vehicle eligible for booting and towing. The boot fee is currently an additional $50.00 and private tow companies set their own rates, which increase daily. After the amnesty period ends on September 25th, unpaid balances over 90 days will be reported to a collection agency.  


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