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    Healthy Monday Walk, 9-10-2012

    The City of Syracuse has launched a wellness program for all City of Syracuse employees!

    The committee meets the second Thursday of every month at noon in the Atrium at City Hall Commons. All employees are welcome to attend and join the committee. Share your ideas for wellness programs and activities, meet fellow city employees from other departments, and incorporate wellness to your life both at work and at home!

    Some of our key initiative areas are nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, chronic disease management, and education and engagement.

    A sample of our current ideas and activities are listed below:

    July 2013 Wellness Newsletter
     Click here for the current issue of "Wellness Works." 
    Education and Engagement
      Producing a monthly newsletter highlighting events, activities, information, recipes, and wellness initiatives, to be distributed to all city employees
      Encouraging employees to sign up to use to track daily meals and exercise
      Highlighting employee benefits related to wellness and preventative care (for example, did you know employee insurance will cover up to four visits with a nutritionist per year?)
      Adding a bulletin board in City Hall highlighting the wellness program and ways to get involved
      Exploring adding healthier options to vending machines in City facilities
      Planning healthy potlucks and lunches
    Physical Activity
      Hosting the Monday Mile and other walking clubs throughout the week (we meet every Monday at noon at the Monday Mile marker located behind City Hall at the intersection of Water Street and Montgomery Street). Join us this week!
      Organizing a kickball game and other games for city employees in a City Park this summer
      Bringing in a fitness instructor to hold a yoga or zumba class in the Atrium
      Working to make biking, walking, running, etc. to work or on breaks more convenient for employees by exploring options for changing and shower facilities
      Posting signs encouraging employees to take the stairs in stairwells and near elevators
    Smoking Cessation
      Looking at our City tobacco use policy to see how we might change or improve it to decrease smoking on City property
      Highlighting available assistance for smokers who wish to quit
    Chronic Disease Management
      Working with partners to do free bio-metric testing for City employees

    Events are subject to change. Click on event for more details.
    Healthy Monday Syracuse

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