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    Past Accomplishments:  

    1. Implemented OCR for Water Billing
    2. Replaced many hubs with switches (VLAN capable and fiber ports)
    3. Re-designed City's web pages for new look and feel
    4. Started implementing VLANs
    5. Updated our virus protection capabilities
    6. Helped Parking Bureau convert to a new Windows based system
    7. Implemented a ghost server
    8. Replaced the Windows NT server at Parks
    9. Ran fiber between PSB and City Hall and State Office Bldg
    10. Implemented PDF / image processing for Law
    11. Started using Office 2003
    12. Implemented a Barracuda "spam" filter
    13. Replaced the web server with a new a Windows 2003 server
    14. In-house developed a web-based Project Management System
    15. In-house developed a web-based Business Licensing system
    16. Eliminate Economic Development's NT server
    17. Implemented a new email server with Exchange 2003 Enterprise
    18. GIS web site - see
    19. Implemented fiber connectivity between City and County
    20. Replaced the Windows NT server at DPW with a Windows 2003 server
    21. Replaced the Windows NT server for Law with a Windows 2003 server
    22. Implemented Sharepoint services for IS department
    23. Planning and testing of disaster recovery for the AS400
    24. New web page for Water Meter Readings, see link off Water Dept.
    25. Water Shop connected via fiber
    26. Replaced the Utility file server
    27. Replaced the file and print server
    28. Upgraded the As400 from V5.2 to 5.3
    29. Internet payments for taxes
    30. Internet payments for Water Bills
    31. Energy / power conservation for PCs
    32. Replaced the CAD / GIS / Terminal server
    33. Implemented video conferencing
    34. Networked all of the fire stations, except Airport
    35. Secure web page for Disaster Recovery documentation
    36. Spliced the Water domain into the Citywide domain
    37. Implemented Office 2007 (to department liaisons 1st)
    38. Implemented Toshiba copiers with network fax, scanning, + OCR
    39. Implemented a new / common server for SQL 2005
    40. Network the Ida Benderson Senior Center
    41. Network the Canon Street trailer
    42. Implemented public wireless Internet connectivity at City Hall
    43. Implemented GPS locator system for DPW vehicles
    44. Convert fleet mgt from Access database to SQL database for DPW
    45. Implemented a case management system for Law
    46. Implemented fleet mgt for Police, Fire, Water, and Airport
    47. Implemented Sharepoint 2007 server on new IBM Blade Center
    48. Implemented municipal wireless Internet at Clinton and Hanover Squares
    49. Analyze the use of Windows Vista - no go!!!


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